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About Us

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Making a Difference is at Our Heart

Home Aid provides essential furniture and white goods for people who have been homeless and are taking up tenancies.

Included are families, single parents and individuals all in the low-income category who, with the assistance of Home Aid, are looking to make the transition from homelessness to a home-making situation.

In addition to providing furniture and white goods, we look to benefit the environment through the recycling and redistribution of second hand furniture and household items back to the West Lothian community.

Started over 25 years ago, this remains our core purpose today.

Everybody Welcome

We are a charity who are dedicated to helping those who needs us most; vulnerable people and those who deserve a cosy place to call home.

Our focus is on helping those who face social and economic exclusion through the use of support grants and by providing much-needed furniture and home items.

Funding for this is mainly achieved through the sale of a wide range of large and small second-hand items for the home back to our loyal community through our retail locations in Bathgate.

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Just Look for the Big Pigeon

Home Aid operate from two locations in Bathgate, West Lothian: our Wee Shop and our Furniture Store.

For a bit of a delve, our Wee Shop is the perfect place to grab a quick bargain whether you are looking for books, clothes, toys or knick knacks.

The Furniture Store is where you will find all the bigger items for the home: sofas, tables, chairs, white goods and beds. Some of which are brand new.

How do we get these items? From our generous community of course. Our fleet of vans collect daily donations from you, as well as delivering those larger purchases directly to your home - all free of charge.

Just look out for the big pigeon.