Gift Aid with Home Aid

Gift Aid is a scheme run by HMRC that means charities can reclaim the tax on your donations at no extra cost to you. This means all your donations will be worth 25% more. So if your donations sell for £40, we will actually receive £50.

Can anyone use Gift Aid?

You must be a current UK taxpayer, but this is not limited to tax on earnings. You also qualify if you pay tax on a pension, savings, property sales or rental income. Signing up to Gift Aid doesn't affect the tax you pay. We make the claim to HMRC on the tax you have already paid on your donations.

How do I add Gift Aid to my donation?

Please complete our Gift Aid form below and we will use it with your donation. When you have signed up for Gift Aid once you won't need to do it again if you make another donation in the future. We will never share your details with third parties.

Gift Aid Statement: By submitting this Gift Aid form you are confirming that: I want to Gift Aid my current donation and any donations I may make in the future, or have made in the past 4 years to Home Aid. I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less income tax and/or capital gains tax than the amount of Gift Aid claim on all my donations in that tax year, it is my responsibility to pay any difference. I am not acting as a business bringing in goods for sale to Home Aid. The Goods which I donate are my own to give. I wish Home Aid to act as my agent in selling my donated goods, at a rate of 2.5% Commission plus VAT. Any goods which cannot be sold will be recycled where possible and cannot be returned to the donor. We reserve the right to withdraw your name from the scheme at any time. You agree that we should contact you only if the net sale proceeds are more than £100 in any tax year.