Preparing for a Home Aid Delivery

To make life easier for you and our delivery drivers, we have a few pointers to ensure that your Home Aid delivery is as painless as possible.

Wooden dining table with 4 chairs and small plant in the centre

Clear some space
Make sure there is plenty space for our delivery drivers to place your new item (especially for larger ones like sofas or dining room tables).

Measure your doorways and staircases
If your new sofa simply won’t fit through the door or is too long to go around a curved staircase, for example, there is not a lot that can be done.

Secure your dog
Although perfectly friendly around your family, they might not be so friendly to a stranger in their home, so if you could pop your dog in another room before our arrival that would be much appreciated.

Be at home
Unfortunately, we are unable to leave any deliveries outside or on your door step. Please ensure you are in during the your allotted delivery date.

Get excited
Your new item will hopefully help to make your home that little bit happier.

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