10 Reasons to Buy Second-Hand Furniture

With a market flooded with expensive, cheaply made and mass-produced furniture items, it sometimes feels like furnishing your home is going to break the bank. However, if you look to buy second-hand, not only could you save a few quid, but you could also bring some unique character to your home.

1. Bag A Bargain

The only thing better than discovering the perfect item for your home, is saving some cash whilst doing it. Not only is second-hand furniture often much cheaper than new furniture, but we like to think our prices are particularly generous.

2. Reduce Landfill Waste

Purchasing second-hand furniture helps reduce the amount of bulky furniture waste that ends up in landfill, helping to improve the environment and lowering the environmental impact of furniture production. Every small thing that we can do to help the environment now goes a small way to benefitting our planet in the future.

3. Quirky & Unique Finds

If you are looking to buy second-hand furniture you can be sure to discover lots of unique and vintage pieces that you won't find in mainstream shops. These quirky items are perfect if you want to inject some distinctive character to your home.

4. Quality and Craftsmanship

Some older furniture is frequently made from higher-quality materials and superior craftsmanship compared to many modern pieces. This means harder-wearing and longer-lasting furniture - perfect for those with energetic kids or destructive pets!

5. Support Local Businesses

Buying from thrift shops, charity shops or local sellers supports small businesses and the local economy, allowing these same businesses to keep supplying the unique, cost-effective and quality goods to help spice up your home.

6. No Assembly Required

Unlike many new pieces that come flat-packed and require assembly, second-hand furniture is typically ready to use right away. No need for screwdrivers or family arguments. And the best part is that we will deliver it (assembled) to your front door.

7. Reduced Off-Gassing

New furniture can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the finishes and adhesives applied to these items. Second-hand furniture, however, has usually already off-gassed, meaning that there won’t be any more chemicals emitted from these older items, making it a safer choice for indoor air quality.

8. Quick Availability

Unlike new furniture that may require long lead or delivery times, second-hand furniture can often be taken home immediately. But for those who don’t quite have the boot space (or arm strength) to take it home themselves, we offer local delivery so you could have your new item shipped to your front door in only a few days.

9. Customisation Potential

Second-hand furniture provides an affordable base for DIY and hobby projects allowing you to up-cycle and refurbish furniture items to match your home or your unique style. Breathing new life into an old piece is also an excellent way to add value and might even bag you a small profit if you decide to re-sell it.

10. Sustainable Living

Choosing recycled or second-hand furniture is a step towards sustainable living and promotes a more mindful approach to consumption. The more recycled furniture we buy, the less demand there will be for new, mass-produced furniture. It’s an excellent way to begin your journey to reducing your carbon footprint now and into the future.

There are tons of reasons to buy second-hand furniture and most of the time it’s a very positive (and low-cost) investment. So whether you are looking to save some money, breath new life into an unloved item or you are looking to do your bit for the planet we hope you will take a look a look at our pre-loved range and discover the perfect item for your home.